Diamond Leeds Ltd.

DIAMOND LEEDS LTD is a company incorporated under the companies and allied matters act of 1990 as a Limited Liability Company, to engage in infrastructure design and development energy services, engineering services, Training, Consultancy Services etc. Our Corporate Head Office is the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. In our effort to build a stronger corporation, we established outlets at Enugu, Sokoto, Birnin Kebbi and Port Harcourt. Our Company has effectively coordinated operations virtually in all geopolitical zones of Nigeria, also with the presence of our representatives in the ECOWAS sub-region.

In our desire for international recognition, we welcome the transfer of technology from foreign expatriate partners ensuring diversification of our excellence.

Consultancy Services

Training Services

Engineering Services

Infrastructure design and development energy Services

About Us

Corporate Vision

Our Vision is basically to retain our hard-earned reputation as an innovation-driven construction, Consultancy/Training and Engineering company.

A financially viable and efficient company that is technically sound, providing diversity and effective Infrastructure development and engineering Consultancy services.

Achieving this vision, our company has carried out a comprehensive programme and capacity building to fortify the workforce capacity with more innovative ideas, skills and views.

Our Objective

The objective of DIAMOND LEEDS LTD is to provide, develop & Maintain effective and reliable infrastructure design and development, engineering services including training packages to meet our clients’ satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance our standard and sustain excellence with probity as our watch word.


The value we hold are our staff, the services we provide, the profit we make, and the direction of our pursuits.

Principal Services

The dynamics of present-day innovations in infrastructural development and engineering services, vis-à-vis special and urgent jobs, quick and prompt delivery call for adequate integration of a highly creative, imaginative and innovative outfit that details and meets deadlines in the under listed areas of our professionalism; Infrastructural Development, Engineering Services, Design & Constructions of buildings and Roads with properly dressed tarmacs, bridges and commercial production of stone products, Procurement Services Energy Services: Procurement & maintenance services of rural electrification.

We participate highly in electrical projects like the design, installation and maintenance of high voltage transmission lines, power plants and sub-stations. More so, intends to engage in the engineering and sewerage infrastructure.

We also participate in Consultancy Services which include; Training and Empowerment. Design, Construction & maintenance of water supply engineering, dams and reservoirs.

Our Capacity & Experience

To achieve the object of providing high calibre services, we have over the years procured and installed state – of – art equipment and also employed quite experienced and competent workforces. This has enabled us to give our clients prompt and satisfactory services.


With our complete yield to probity in service delivery DIAMOND LEEDS LTD. Is widely commended for its diverse experiences in; infrastructural developments like buildings, dams and water reservoirs, consultancy like Training and Empowerment, engineering services, energy services, project management, procurement etc.

Quality Control & Assurance Environment

Give our resource-based and professionalism, you can rest assured of our competitive leverage. Also, our range of equipment and services attest to our competence.

Our company utilizes total quality management in every aspect of the company’s operation. It is the company’s philosophy that “Quality must be part of how business is done”. It is embedded in all operation from Chairman/CEO to junior and support staff. This ensures conformity to agreed requirement of our clientele.


Our Company endeavor to adapt a high environmental standard as appropriate designed for specifics, and Contractual bench marks.

Social Responsibility/Health & Safety

We are up-to-date on all corporate and employee taxes and all other statutory obligations. We respond favourably to all reasonable social demands on our company and to generally accepted worthy causes. We also package welfare services and reward merits to our employees.

Health & Safety

DIAMOND LEEDS LTD have a safety policy which makes it our responsibility to attach importance to the prevention of any loss, in particular, to ensure the health safety of its employers and also our operational Environmental and public at large.

Management and Staff/Resources

Our Company has eleven (21) staff members as permanent staff, including consultant and management staff.

We have additional of about Six (6) staff on a contract basis, based on the project at hand.


DIAMOND LEEDS LTD has its dynamics and multi-disciplinary management expertise's human & material resources to execute jobs of any magnitude in the areas we have superior knowledge, emphatically satisfying clientele desires.

Our structure for Efficiency

Our company is structure to guarantee Efficiency in the services we deliver to our customers.

We run a near -flat organizational system that empower middle-level officers to take operational decision quickly.

it also secures easy communication between top management and the technical operators, guaranteeing that decisions are quickly reached and more time saved.

Accordingly, the company is structure into the following services centers;

The Technical Services Group -

This group provides the backbone of the services to the company.

They are the ones that deliver the technical services and field operations to our clients.

Their primary focus is to ensure that the company deliver promptly on our commitment to our clients.

Business/Project Development Group -

The primary orientation is to make things work efficiently for all client by reaching out more cooperatively. They are adequately empowered to attend to sports issues/complaint and business development.

Operational/Admin. Group -

This group has responsibility for administrative matters. They owe a duty to educate and explain the various services. we offer and adapt specific customer's needs.

Our Partners